The Project

FSE Online was tasked with putting together a comprehensive design and optimisation package for Labelnet Ltd, an established label manufacturer based in Essex. The aim of the campaign was to generate more high quality leads from both organic search and Pay Per Click advertising, whilst making key design and structural changes to the current website to promote a better experience for the user.

labelnet case study


The core objective for Labelnet was to attract enquiries from business customers as opposed to individuals looking for cheap or home-use label printing solutions. The strategy was to be reviewed on a quarterly basis in order to assess trend data and adjust the campaign according to Labelnet’s own marketing campaign.


We carried out a great deal of research into appropriate search terms for both the organic and paid search campaigns. Once we had established the core targeted services, each relevant internal page was fully optimised to establish relevancy for these keywords and also adhere to Google’s algorithm guidelines.

We developed a content marketing strategy in order to promote Labelnet’s knowledge and expertise both on the client’s website and via external blogging and syndication sources. Relationships were also established with authoritative online directories to increase the brand’s visibility and drive more traffic and enquiries.

In the paid search arena, our PPC managers carried out a full review of the existing Google AdWords account and suggested a number of changes to increase its performance. We set up conversion tracking for more robust monitoring; we reduced the click spend by implementing a more targeted approach; and we also significantly improved Labelnet’s negative keyword list to eliminate irrelevant clicks.


  • Organic traffic to the site increased by over 40 per cent over a 12 month period
  • The number of new users visiting the site increased by 48 per cent month on month
  • The site’s bounce rate dropped by over 30 per cent
  • AdWords click spend was reduced by 30 per cent

The website’s new and improved design has encouraged better user engagement and had a hugely positive impact on conversions.