FSE Online offers bespoke WordPress web design and development solutions to businesses in London and the UK.

Contemporary, professional-looking and easy to use, WordPress websites show no sign of losing their popularity – in fact, recent statistics show that a quarter of the web is powered by WordPress, including sites from major brands. WordPress websites look great, they perform well, and their intuitive back-end design makes ensures they are easily customisable for any purpose.

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Why choose WordPress?

logo_wordpressWordPress is a scalable and extremely versatile content management system (CMS). It’s an open source platform, which means that anyone can develop innovative features (otherwise known as ‘plugins’) for their own website and share them with other developers online. Its sheer adaptability has ensured that it can now extend into all kinds of industries and applications, so whether you’re looking for a basic brochure site or a more sophisticated ecommerce platform, it’s all possible with WordPress.

Building a website in WordPress also eliminates the need to pay an external development company if you want to make any edits to its content or media. Once your WordPress design is finished, you’ll be provided with the logins to your own website, and with a little training, you’ll be able to manage your pages yourself. This makes it easier to add fresh content to your pages and blog posts, which is particularly important if you want to keep customers up to date with recent company or industry developments.

Best of all, WordPress is notoriously search-engine-friendly, which naturally makes it our CMS of choice for client websites.

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