If you are already running a Pay Per Click campaign but are concerned that your account is not performing at its best, we would recommend investing in our account audit service.

After speaking with you extensively about your objectives, our PPC managers will carry out a technical review of your Google Adwords account. The audit will identify areas that could be optimised to improve click-throughs and reduce your spend, simultaneously bringing your brand to the right audiences and making the entire exercise much more profitable for your business.

We’ll look at all areas of the Adwords campaign, including your targeted keywords, match types, costs-per-click, ad copy, ad extensions and landing pages.

Once the PPC account audit has been completed, we will send you a full list of recommendations that can be implemented either in-house by your team, or by our agency at a small extra cost.
Our clients also have the opportunity to arrange a follow-up call or meeting, during which our PPC managers will be happy to talk you through their suggestions so you have a thorough understanding of the issues that have arisen from the PPC account audit and what needs to be done to maximise your budget.

We can, on request, put together Pay Per click account management proposals if you would prefer to instruct us to monitor and optimise the account on an on-going basis.

For more information, or to arrange your PPC Google Adwords account audit, please contact FSE.